Become an ICOCS Member

ICOCS membership is open to individuals with an active interest in the field of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders (OCSDs) or related disciplines.

ICOCS membership comes with a number of benefits.

  • Complimentary participation in OCRN-ICOCS annual scientific meetings.
  • Priority invitations and discounted rates for upcoming events.

Networking opportunities

  • Access to ICOCS member network to facilitate professional networking, information exchange, research, and clinical collaboration.


  • Exclusive ability to disseminate research study materials and coordinate research efforts amongst members through our extensive ICOCS network.
  • Opportunity to participate in scientific meetings and present research and posters in a variety of international forums.


  • Full members have:
    • The ability to vote at the Annual Meeting of members and on agenda items that are open to voting.
    • The opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and help shape the future of the ICOCS organization.